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Innovative Veggie Trays – Creative Ways to Display Vegetables

Creative Veggie Trays

Veggie trays always have the same things in them. A section with carrots, another section with cauliflower, another section with grape tomatoes and another section with celery sticks, with room for other common vegetables. And there is always a vegetable dip in the middle, hardly ever homemade. Veggie trays went out of style years ago, yet people love eating them still.

No more common veggie trays are here. The following are some of the most creative veggie trays to ever be put together. Keep reading to get some inspiration on how you can make veggie trays the center of any party.

Vegetable Tray Wedding Centerpiece

Innovative Veggie Trays – Creative Ways to Display Vegetables

Veggie trays do not have to be boring any longer. Find out how you can spice up a veggie tray for any occasion from weddings to birthdays to Halloween.

Veggie trays don’t always have to be edible. One couple took the wedding centerpiece idea and married it with the veggie tray. They cut asparagus at different lengths and stood them up around various sized candles, securing them in place with a ribbon to match their tablecloths.

Next, they carved the hearts out of artichokes and placed smaller candles inside of them.

Finally, the couple arranged flowers around the candles and vegetables to give it a more formal and floral look.

Sesame Street Veggie Trays

Vegetables can be found in such an abundance of colors, it is possible to make nearly anything using them, including a Sesame Street-themed vegetable tray.

For Oscar the Grouch you could use broccoli to form the face and white veggie dip for the eyes. Don’t forget to add baby carrots for the eyebrows. You can do the same thing for Elmo, except substitute the broccoli for grape tomatoes. You might need to get a little creative with the Cookie Monster veggie tray. I suggest switching it up and using some blueberries and blackberries to form the face and mouth. Or, if you are dead set on everything being a vegetable, you can use food coloring to color some broccoli blue.

Have fun with it and try to figure out how to make the whole Sesame Street gang.

Holiday Fruit & Veggie Trays

Like I said before, every color under the sun can be represented by a different vegetable, so be creative and find some winter colors. Try to get some red grape tomatoes and green broccoli to make a Christmas tree. Use a few cut up yellow peppers for a star and different types of fruit for the decorations.

Halloween Vegetable Tray Ideas

Veggie trays for Halloween are the eassiet. Find a veggie tray and cover it in baby carrots, add a little cucumber on the top for the stem and use whatever other vegetables you have in refrigerator to fill in the rest of the pumpkin.

The scarier the face, the better. It might look so good that trick-or-treaters are going to be asking for vegetables instead of candy.

Valentine’s Day Vegetable Trays

You might want to think of something a bit more romantic before you resort to the vegetable tray as a Valentine’s Day gift. If it is for a party though, go out with as many red peppers as you can find. Try forming them into a heart, or for the extra artsy, try making your own cupid.

The idea is to spice up the vegetable tray and make it fun again.

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