The Doctors TV Show spoke about some great, healthy snacks for kids.  Dr Jim Sears called them BANKER Snacks: bananas, apples, nuts, kale, eggs and raisins.  But how on earth do you get your kids (or even adults!) to eat kale?  Dr Sears put together this recipe for Kale Chips and the children on The Drs TV Show went crazy for them.  I cannot wait to try these out for my family!  Click here to read the full recap of this segment of The Doctors for more healthy snack ideas: The Doctors Healthy Dollar Menu

Kale Chips Recipe


– 1 large bunch of kale

– 3 TB olive oil

– 2 TB agave nectar

– 1.5 tsp garlic powder

– 1 TB low-sodium soy sauce

– any of your family’s favorite spices (to taste)

The Drs: Kale Chips Recipe


1.  Place your rack in the center of your oven.

2.  Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.

3.  Whisk together all of the ingredients, except for the kale of course!

4.  Put your kale (broken into pieces) in a big bowl and toss it well with the dressing.

5.  Spread your kale out on a baking sheet in one layer (you will probably have more than one batch.)

6.  Bake the kale for 8-10 minutes and enjoy warm or let it cool off and store in an air-tight container for a healthy snack later on!

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