Dr Oz has spoken several times now about the power of Chia Seeds.  His most recent segment was about how Chia Seeds help you to fall asleep (here is a recap of the segment: Foods To Help You Sleep).  He also mentioned in another show that Chia Seeds are critical for women over 50 and they promote weight loss (here is a recap of that segment: Chia Seeds For Weight Loss).  So I was filled with delight when I went over to my friend’s house a few weeks ago and heard that for dessert we would be having Chia Pudding!  It has a somewhat similar texture to tapioca pudding, but it really is unlike anything else I have ever tasted.  Luckily, my friend was willing to share the recipes with me, which she said was adapted from Living Raw Food by Sarma Melngailis.  She made two varieties that night – a Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding and a Plain Chia Seed Pudding, so I will give you the recipe for both.  You can also adapt the flavors depending on your favorite flavor of pudding.  For example, you could add some almond extract and add some diced mandarin orange slices for those orange lovers out there!  Or mint extract for a mint pudding.  I’m sure the possibilities are endless.

Plain Chia Seed Pudding Recipe


– 3 cups almond milk

– 1 cup  Chia Seeds

– Stevia or Agave Nectar, to taste for sweetness

– 1/4 tsp cinnamon *optional*

– 1 tsp vanilla extract *optional*

– pinch of sea salt

Plain Chia Pudding Recipe


1.  Put all of the ingredients into a bowl.

2.  Stir well to get rid of lumps and to make sure all off the Chia Seeds are covered with liquid.

3.  Let the pudding sit at room temperature for 20-30 minutes.

4.  Refrigerate until you are ready to serve.  My friend said this will stay fresh in the fridge for days!

Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe

To make the Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding, do everything as above, except replace the cinnamon with 1-2 TB cocoa powder.  You will have to stir vigorously to get the chocolate to incorporate well into the liquid, or you can put all of the liquid into a blender BEFORE you add in the Chia Seeds

If you come up with fun variations on this recipe, please share it in the comment section below!

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