The Doctors TV Show did a great segment on healthy recipes to stop diarrhea, to prevent gas and to ease morning sickness.  Dr Travis Stork said that this is a great Morning Sickness Smoothie to make for pregnant ladies, but men can drink it too because the ingredients are healthy for everyone.  The ginger in the smoothie helps to minimize nausea and acts like an antiseptic.  The bananas have potassium to help replenish you and the peaches soothe a nauseous tummy while being a great source of fiber (which helps another symptom that many pregnant women get which is constipation).  Here are links to all of the great healthy recipes from this segment of The Drs TV Show: Flatulence-Free Dip Recipe, Morning Sickness Smoothie Recipe and Diarrhea-Be-Gone Popsicle Recipe.

The Drs TV Show: Morning Sickness Smoothie Recipe


½ cup low fat plain yogurt
½ cup pear nectar or 1 cup diced pears
½ cup peach nectar or 1 peach sliced
1 banana
1 teaspoon lemon juice
½ to 1 teaspoon fresh ginger (to taste)

The Drs: Morning Sickness Smoothie Recipe


1.  Blend all of the ingredients in your blender with ice, until you get your desired consistency.

2.  Serve right away.

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