Dr Oz’s Surprise Party Show included a segment on how to live a better and longer life with tips that take under one minute.  Doctor Oz said that for this season, he is replacing his famous Green Drink with the new Dr Oz Red Drink Recipe!  Beets help to open up your blood vessels so that blood can flow more freely through your body.  Plus, beets are rich in iron so that your body can produce more blood as well.

Dr Oz’s Red Drink Recipe


1 beet

1 large carrot

Fresh parsley, to taste

1 apple

Dr Oz Beet Drink Recipe


1.  Place all of the ingredients into your favorite juicer or blender.

2.  Blend or juice the ingredients and drink it right away.

3.  You can experiment with the quantities of the ingredients until you find the combination that you enjoy the most!

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